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Many people who choose to invest their retirement savings via an SMSF do so because it gives them the power to make their own decisions.

With that in mind, it would be interesting to know the percentage of SMSF holders who take a DIY investment approach, as opposed to those who obtain professional investment advice from a financial planner.

What would be a lot more interesting would be to compare the performance of SMSFs between DIY investors and adviser/broker guided investors.

If you are planning on taking the DIY investment path, you need to understand the huge amount of time that it takes to properly manage a portfolio and undertake the required research.  If you plan to buy and sell shares based on what you read in the paper or nightly news, you could find your SMSF heading south in a hurry!

Your retirement funds aren’t something to be played with, so we recommend that you only take the DIY option if you really know what you’re doing and have sufficient time to devote to the process.

If you’re not quite up to the task of proper (and successful) DIY investing, you may find that the best investment you could make is to take on the services of a financial adviser or stock broker.


For SMSF investors taking the DIY approach, a great source of information can be found on the specialist business media websites as well as internet forums.

You shouldn’t rely on a single source of information when making investment decisions, but these resources can certainly help in the overall decision making process.

If you need professional advice on your SMSF investment decisions the first step is to find a suitable financial adviser or financial planner.

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