SMSF Tax File Number

When we set up a new SMSF, we apply to the ATO for an ABN and also a TFN for the new Fund. The Tax Office sometime issue these numbers immediately and sometimes it takes around 10 days to be issued.

The ATO matches data from the data we supply in the application and checks against the ATO database.
When supplied data and ATO data match the ABN and TFN is issued.
If there’s a data mismatch, there is a time delay. The ATO service standard to resolve these mismatches is 28 days for general applications and 10 days when a registered tax agent (like Superannuation Warehouse) does the application.

For around half the SMSF’s we set up the ABN is issued immediately. So if your SMSF’s ABN is not issued immediately, don’t despair – it is quite normal.

All SMSF’s set up with a Corporate Trustee takes around 10 days to be issued with an ABN. Reasons for data mismatches can be the ATO has a maiden name of a Trustee, different addresses or different spelling on names. If there’s any delays, we will keep you posted so you know how long it will take and when you SMSF will be registered.

Mark Coburn, CEO Stepping Stone Wealth,

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